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iPhone FAQ

  1. How to purchase your product for iPhone?

    All our iPhone products are available in the App Store, so on each product page you will find a link to it (locate "Get it from App Store" block). Follow the link and make a purchase as usual.

  2. Where I can find more information about iPhone-specific issues?

    Check out this iPhone FAQ, it will definitely answer most of your questions.

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Random question

I've found a bug in your application, will you fix it?

Despite the fact that we test our software before selling it, bugs can happen. Critical bugs (which leads to fatal exceptions, unexpected reboots, e.t.c.) will be fixed immediately (at least we are trying to do so). Other bugs, which are not very critical, will be fixed in next software updates.

If you found a bug in our applications, please use our product support form to report about it. Your feedback is important to us, because you can help us make our programs better!

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