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  1. What is my HotSync ID?

    The HotSync ID is the name assigned to your Palm OS device as determined by you during your first HotSync or after hard-reset. Usually it is similar to your name, but it is not an obligatory. Registration codes for our software titles are based on this ID. Please note that the HotSync ID is case and punctuation sensitive, so be careful when providing it while purchase.

    To locate your HotSync ID, do the following on your Palm OS handheld:

    • From the main Applications screen, locate and tap on the HotSync icon.
    • Note the name at the upper right – that is your HotSync ID.
    • Alternatively, you may locate it within the Palm Desktop software at the upper right hand corner of the Palm Desktop to the right of User ID.
  2. Is it possible to use full 320x480 screen size on my Tungsten T3?

    To use full screen on T3 you should download and install so-called T3 DIA Compatibility package. Please note that this package is developed by Palm, not by us.

    WARNING: You should install both .PRCs at the same time.

    WARNING: This package is intended only for Tungsten T3, not for any other device. If you have installed it to another device, the only way to uninstall it is to perform hard-reset.

  3. Where I can find more information about Palm-specific issues?

    As you may or may not know, there is a huge knowledgebase at the Palm Support page.

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What if I lost my registration code?

Please use our registration code retrieval form and provide as more information as you can. Of course, this information should be accurate.

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