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Purchase FAQ

  1. How to purchase?

    First of all, you should open product page (for example, inCubus) and locate "Purchase online" block on the right side. All you need is to click on the "Order inCubus" link. After this you will be redirected to eSellerate – our digital payment processor, where you should complete purchasing process by clicking "Checkout" button.

    Once you complete your payment, you will receive e-mail from eSellerate (with confirmation) and e-mail from mailbox@indevsoftware.com with registration data for purchased application. Please note that all e-mails are sent automatically and immediately after purchase.

  2. How to purchase more than one application at the same time?

    Once you have redirected to shopping cart at eSellerate, you can click "Continue Shopping" button to return to our site and select another product to add to cart. You can perform this operation as many times as you want and then click "Checkout" button to complete your purchase.

    Please note, that if you wish to purchase products for different platforms at the same time, you need to perform purchase process for each platform individually.

  3. How to purchase with discount?

    If you have discount coupon, you should enter it into the corresponding coupon field at the eSellerate shopping cart. Please make sure that you see your discount on the final step of the checkout.

    Sometimes we have sales on our site, so we recommend you to check our news or RSS feed. In this case you don't need to enter coupon manually. All you need is to click on 'buy' link and discount will be applied automatically.

  4. Why I see full product cost even if discount coupon was used?

    Sometimes you need to press "Update Cart" button to apply discount coupon. If you still don't notice that discount is applied, check if coupon is valid and is not mistyped.

  5. What is eDS?

    eDS is an acronym for "eSellerate Download Service". This service is provided by eSellerate – our payment processor. Available for $4.99 per order, eDS guarantees customers the ability to re-download exact copies of the files they purchased, for one year from the date of purchase.

    Please note that you can always download latest version from our site, while eDS lets you re-download exact copy of purchased software.

  6. Should I pay for re-downloading of purchased software?

    No, you don't have to pay for re-downloading purchased software from our site. You can download as many times as you want, without any limitations.

  7. What to do if I have mistakenly purchased two or more copies of the same application?

    In case if you mistakenly purchased same application twice (or more) from our site via eSellerate, you don't need to worry. We monitor all eSellerate transactions and in case of duplicate purchase, we will process refund manually even without your request.

    Please note that all questions regarding double (or sometimes triple) charges while purchasing from other our partners (Handango, Mobihand, e.t.c.) should be directed to their customer support. In this case it can take up to several days to complete your request.

  8. What is your refund policy?

    All information about our refund policy you can find here

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What is your software distribution policy?

Most of our products are distributed as shareware. You can freely download, distribute and try them before buy. Some of them have limited functionality, but most are fully functional within trial period (usually 14 days). If application suits your needs, you should pay for it, get registration code and unlock your copy.

Along with shareware products, we have some freeware titles. This means you do not have to pay for using the program and can freely distribute its not-modified copies.

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