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Common FAQ

  1. I've sent you support request via feedback form on your site, but have not received an answer. Are you ignoring me?

    If you decided to reach our support via support form, we may assure you that none of your requests will remain unanswered! But what to do if you have not received an answer from us within 24 hours? This means that either your mail provider has incorrectly treated our email as spam (try to check your spam\junk folder) or you have provided incorrect\non-working email address. In both cases, you can try to resend your request and provide another email address.

  2. I've sent you email, but received no answer. Is this the way you respect your customers?

    We receive tons of spam everyday, so it is not a surprise that your email can lost in it. We recommend you to use support form – most effective way to reach our support.

  3. Do you provide phone support?

    Unfortunately we do not provide phone support yet. The best way to reach our support is to use our support form. Usually we respond in minutes, but in some cases it can take up to 24 hours to respond.

    Please note that if you have purchased our software from one of our resellers (Handango, Mobihand, PdaTopSoft, e.t.c.) and trying to reach their support, it can take up to days, sometimes weeks to solve your issue.

  4. What is your software distribution policy?

    Most of our products are distributed as shareware. You can freely download, distribute and try them before buy. Some of them have limited functionality, but most are fully functional within trial period (usually 14 days). If application suits your needs, you should pay for it, get registration code and unlock your copy.

    Along with shareware products, we have some freeware titles. This means you do not have to pay for using the program and can freely distribute its not-modified copies.

  5. I've found a bug in your application, will you fix it?

    Despite the fact that we test our software before selling it, bugs can happen. Critical bugs (which leads to fatal exceptions, unexpected reboots, e.t.c.) will be fixed immediately (at least we are trying to do so). Other bugs, which are not very critical, will be fixed in next software updates.

    If you found a bug in our applications, please use our product support form to report about it. Your feedback is important to us, because you can help us make our programs better!

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Random question

My registration code does not work. What should I do?

As you may or may not know, registration code is based on something. For Palm OS devices it is based on HotSync ID, for WM devices – on User Name, for BlackBerry – on PIN, e.t.c. This means you should carefully input data on purchase. Don't worry, if you have provided incorrect data and completed purchase. Just write us a letter and provide correct data in it.

Second reason is mistyping of registration code. Please make sure that you are entering code exactly as you received it.

Another common problem is trying register one product with the key of another. For example, you have purchased SU: Spiders, but trying to register single Spider game. So make sure that you are registering the same application that you have purchased.

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