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Solitaires Unlimited is a collection of 800 solitaires in a single package. You can find all popular solitaires in this collection (including Spider, FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramid, Yukon, Forty Thieves and others) as well as some new solitaires you have not seen in any other solitaires collections.

3 Solitaires Pack for Windows Mobile 3 Solitaires Pack 2.02

In a few words:

The pack of three our most popular solitaires (Spider, Freecell and Klondike) for the price of two.

3 Solitaires Pack in details:

Solitaire is one of the most ancient and effective ways to kill time. The only thing you need is a deck (or two) of cards and some flat surface to deal. But even if these things are not available for you on the road you still can enjoy playing solitaire on your BlackBerry phone.

This Solitaires Pack includes our three best-selling solitaires – Spider, Freecell and Klondike.

Main Features:

  • Supports portrait and landscape orientation. Square screens are also supported.
  • Three card skins with sharp and clear graphics
  • Current game state saved for each game type
  • Play modes:
    • Pocket PC version: drag&drop, tapping or keyboard
    • Smartphone version: 5-way navigation pad or keypad
  • Unlimited undo
  • Show Next Move feature
  • Card movement animation
  • Supports timed game
  • Adjustable game field color (Pocket PC version only) and card back
  • Advanced Pile View option
  • Best times table for each game type
  • Statistics for each game type
  • Game rules for each game type

Minimum Requirements:

  • For Pocket PC
    • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition or greater
  • For Smartphone
    • Windows Mobile 5.0 or greater
    • QVGA screen

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What's next?
3 Solitaires Pack:
.zip Universal desktop installation files (6.83 MB)
.zip Universal desktop installation file (2.28 MB)
.zip Universal desktop installation file (2.28 MB)
.zip Universal desktop installation file (2.27 MB)

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