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Unlike other expense trackers you can use all inExpense features right after installation without even reading the manual. Yet it is very powerful, supporting multiple accounts, currencies, text and graphic reports, desktop synchronization and many other useful features.

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TiBR for Palm OS TiBR 1.52

In a few words:

TiBR is a freeware PalmDoc reader for Palm OS. It works on almost every Palm OS device issued, still remaining small, fast and highly adjustable.

TiBR in details:

Main features:

  • VFS support (can read ebooks directly from the memory card)
  • Bookmarks support
  • Text search and copy support
  • Adjustable tool and title bar
  • Adjustable hardware buttons
  • Adjustable document colors
  • Adjustable document locations
  • Three scrolling types (buttons, screen drag, screen tap)
  • Auto-scrolling mode
  • Document categories
  • External program launchers support (can be assigned as PalmDoc viewer)
  • Text formatting (margins, alignment, line spacing)

Minimum requirements:

  • Palm OS version 2.0 or greater
  • 65K free memory

Scroll to the top right corner to download TiBR for free!

What's next?
.zip Zipped installation file (36 KB)
.prc OTA installation file (67 KB)

TiBR is absolutely free!

However, if you like it, you can donate some money to support and inspire our developers.

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