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Our personal finance manager inExpense will help you organize your incomes and expenses in the most intuitive way.

Unlike other expense trackers you can use all inExpense features right after installation without even reading the manual. Yet it is very powerful, supporting multiple accounts, currencies, text and graphic reports, desktop synchronization and many other useful features.

Please visit inExpense homepage to view all its features, browse manual and download free demo.

inShopping for Palm OS inShopping 2.0.2

In a few words:

inShopping is a powerful tool made for managing shopping lists and keeping your purchase records.

inShopping in details:

With multiple lists support, optional categories and shops for each shopping list item, records filtering and purchase history, inShopping will be the perfect shopping assistant for you. Furthermore, inShopping can be synchronized with inExpense, our personal money manager, and it makes tracking expenses even easier.

Main Features:

One hand navigation
inShopping is a great tool for all the latest Palm handhelds and especially for Treo. You can create new list items, browse lists, categories and shops, apply filters and customize inShopping options without even lifting the stylus, all with your 5-way control, which is very important when managing your shopping lists on the go. Combined with the new Shopping Mode (see below), inShopping makes handheld-assisted shopping easier than ever.

Article name suggestion
To compose shopping lists even faster inShopping suggests an article name while you are typing it. Just enter the first several characters and inShopping will browse shopping lists history and pop up a list of possible article names. You can either pick the name from the list or enter a new one.

inExpense synchronization
Another useful inShopping feature is inExpense synchronization. After several simple configuration steps all changes in the list will be transferred to a selected inExpense account for later analysis. You need to have inExpense installed on your handheld to use this feature.

Shops, categories and filters
To help you manage items in your shopping list, "Shops" and "Categories" item attributes are used. You can assign item's category and a shop you are usually buying it in and later use inShopping filtering feature to see only records matching your categories or shops selection.

Shopping Mode
Starting from the version 2.0.0 inShopping has a new Shopping Mode. This mode is especially handy when you are buying items in the list and need to check them fast. Just activate Shopping Mode icon and mark items' status by a single tap or hardware button click.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm OS 4.0 or higher
  • 200K free memory

Scroll to the top right corner to see download and purchase options for inShopping.

What's next?
.zip Zipped installation file (146 KB)
.prc OTA installation file (165 KB)
.pdf User manual (102 KB)

Order inShopping ($4.95)

We accept AmEx, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, PayPal and Visa. For other payment methods, please visit Stores section.

Special offer!

inShopping is also available in Finance Pack bundle.

Bundles (or so-called software packs) could save you some money in case if you decide to purchase more than one product.

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