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Our personal finance manager inExpense will help you organize your incomes and expenses in the most intuitive way.

Unlike other expense trackers you can use all inExpense features right after installation without even reading the manual. Yet it is very powerful, supporting multiple accounts, currencies, text and graphic reports, desktop synchronization and many other useful features.

Please visit inExpense homepage to view all its features, browse manual and download free demo.

GrxView Lite for Palm OS GrxView Lite 1.0.6

In a few words:

GrxView Lite is a freeware image viewer with JPEG images support. It also includes file manager capabilities, image zooming/panning, thumbnail view and slideshow features.

GrxView Lite in details:

Main Features:

  • Freeware
  • All screen resolutions supported (160x160, 320x320, 320x480 portrait and landscape)
  • Antialiased image zoom
  • Reads images in the native format directly from the memory card (no desktop software needed)
  • Thumbnail view
  • ARM optimization
  • Full-featured memory card browser
  • Image zoom and rotation
  • Slideshow mode

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm OS version 5.0 or greater
  • 300K free memory
  • Color screen
  • Memory card

Scroll to the top right corner to download GrxView Lite for free!

What's next?
.zip Zipped installation file (105 KB)
.prc OTA installation file (273 KB)

GrxView Lite is absolutely free!

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Lars Hallstrøm Eriksen from Mandal, Norway says:

"The program has all the features you need for viewing photos, and it has a slick interface, and all that for free! Unlimited zoom and pan. List view, thumbnail view, etc. The program navigates the handheld or folders on the expansion card to find picture files, and it can create folders, move picture files, etc., so you can use folders to organize your pictures. It also found pictures I had already transferred using the Photos application that came with my Palm, but it doesn't recognize the categories used by Photo (use folders instead, in several levels if you like). To transfer photos from the desktop to the handheld, simply drag JPEG files into the QuickInstall application. There is no custom conduit. The free Lite edition only handles JPEG, but that's the format you want to use for photos anyway."

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